We enable organizations to transform the way they generate and use data to gain insights for better decision making,
unlock savings and enable new revenue potential.

In doing so, we create cloud-based software solutions for collecting, securing and managing data at scale as well as enabling interactive and user-friendly data analysis. We partner and collaborate with entrepreneurs, consultancies and business enterprises who are after Big Data, Machine Learning, and/or IoT software driven innovation in the products, processes and business ventures they conceive of and undertake to bring to life.


Small and mid-sized businesses engage us

to build Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT-enabled systems

Business - Enterprise

"SoftKraft have proven across several technologies they are way ahead of the curve. They are well versed in IoT, big data, and machine learning. The team impressed us with their ability to speak at the business strategy level."

Mike Miklavic

CTO at TMC Group, USA

Business - SME

"SoftKraft has been a very reliable partner for us. They took over our system infrastructure in a short time and managed to handle it in a professional and reliable way. We would be happy to work with SoftKraft again."

Jörn Stampehl

VP Engineering at ZenGuard, DE

Business - Startup

"The team have been excellent to work with as we develop ML capabilities for our platform. They are harnessing the latest technology in ML and artificial intelligence for our product goals."

Jamie Engel

Founder and CEO of Neutopia, AU


We build Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT-enabled systems which consist of a back-end data streaming infrastructure as well as visualisation and analytics dashboards.

Cloud Platforms

The platform enables to connect, scale, and manage web and mobile apps, IoT devices and other data sources. It powers low-latency messaging across devices, systems and software services, and thus lends itself very well to secure, realtime communications for Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT projects and ventures.


We layer the cloud platform with intuitive analytical applications, convenient visualisation dashboards and elegant user interfaces that enable people to meaningfully interact with data for insights, better decision making and greater impact in and beyond their organizations.


We have gathered a solid team of software experts and engineers with long track records and ample experience in data-rich enterprise systems, distributed systems infrastructure, Big Data processing, as well as lightweight UX-optimized web and mobile software implementations.

Open Source Assets

Our capacity to rapidly and cost-efficiently build software owes a lot to proven freely available open source resources that can be customized and integrated into larger solutions. We enhance our tech stack with such powerful modules as Spark, Hadoop Zeppelin, ActiveMQ, Camel or Rhiot.


Connect your apps, services, products, devices or other data sources to collect and store data for monitoring and analysis.


Monitor the performance data streams coming from your applications or equipment and alert staff to operate pro-actively on the data.


Analyze the historical and real-time data gathered to gain new analytic insights for better and faster decision making.


Optimize your operations and asset management based on the intelligence gathered from the network.

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